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A New Season

By Marcea Galindo

When our website was transferred to another provider, we had to abandon our old blog for something new, and that's what you see here (I hope it works!). You can still find our past blogs on a neighboring page called Archived Blogs, but we will attempt to share useful and fun information here going forward.

Something I've been doing on social media recently is sharing some of my Planner Tips. So far, here's what I've shared:

Planner Tip #1: We do our best to keep guests out of the reception space until the water glasses are filled, candles are lit and the photographer has taken pictures of the room. Nothing ruins decor photos more than a stray purse, jacket or pair of glasses that don't belong. I take it a step further and suggest the couple get pictures in the room. You've worked really hard on the design of your wedding and the reception is where it shines...make sure you get good photos!

Planner Tip #2: Take a few minutes after your ceremony to absorb what just're married! It's totally ok to disappear for a few minutes and let that sink in together. While you're at it, enjoy the beauty of the venue you've chosen!

Planner Tip #3: Sustainable aisle decor! For both my daughters' weddings, we used potted plants for aisle decor and they are now planted in my yard as a beautiful reminder of their weddings. Be creative with your aisle and find ways to let the decor live on.

Planner Tip #4: Make a plan ahead of time for your centerpieces. For my daughters, I used containers that guests could take home with them (for one the vases were thrifted, and for the other we used disposable containers inside of our vases), then gave a note to those who I thought would like to take home an arrangement that they were welcome to do so. This was a great way to honor some guests, and to let the arrangements find a home for a few more days.

I'd love for you to follow me on Facebook (MG Event Design) and Instagram (@mgeventdesignevents) to see more pictures, tips, and events. I hope to see you there!

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